As a Microsoft Partner, GAD Solutions utilises the latest Microsoft software to provide solutions built on standard software technologies and database systems including SQL Server and MS Access.

Mining Specific

Where possible and applicable, GAD Solutions recommends and supports mining and exploration database systems based on commercial data management software including acQuire, Datashed or GBIS.

GAD Solutions also supports the integration of mining specific modelling or GIS packages with the clients preferred database system to provide the geologist with simple easy to use reliable data.


GAD Solutions has experience with custom software configuration using various ESRI tools, including:

  • ArcPAD
  • ArcMap
  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcGIS Portal

Often out of the box GIS solutions do not quite meet the exact needs of clients, in which case they can require extensive configuration to meet those needs.  GAD Solutions have configured Enterprise GeoDatabases, ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Portal to deliver Feature Services.  For field users, GAD Solutions have significant experience configuring ArcPAD to meet user requirements, including pushing data in and out of feature services, other databases and customising data capture fields and processes.

Custom Software

Inevitably situations arise where the software requirements are not met by the general or mining specific software solutions. In this situation GAD Solutions can provide the custom application required to fill the gap between existing software solutions.


GAD Solutions develop apps for Android, Apple and Windows.

Examples of recent apps have been:
– Downhole explorer
– Core photo tagging

GAD Solutions have many years of experience developing a wide variety of windows applications across a number of industries including:
– Geological exploration
– Mining
– Health
– Government
– Finance
– Construction

Examples of applications include:
– Mapping ground disturbances
– Material movement (pit to port)
– Corporate health portals
– Geophysical data visualisation
– Drillhole data entry

Windows Apps

GAD Solutions focus on understanding user requirements fully before embarking on development efforts. During execution of development projects, GAD Solutions employ an Agile methodology and engage in test driven development.

We have extensive infrastructure to support our development efforts, including virtual clients and servers, build and test servers etc. We like to develop software in partnership with our clients. This means we like to keep everyone up to date with the latest progress and even encourage our clients to get involved with managing priorities for software development tasks.

Server Apps

GAD Solutions have created many software pieces for server environments. These are typically tools that perform specific tasks at timed intervals, or in response to events. Here are some examples:

– Nightly generation of reports
– Automated data importers
– Automated email checkers
– Automated database cleanup jobs
– Network monitoring tasks

Database Development

GAD Solutions are experts in developing databases, particularly in geology and mining, but also across other industries and markets, including healthcare, human resources, and Geographical Information Systems. From simplification of existing systems, data migration or building systems from scratch GAD Solutions has the skills and experience to assist.