Data Management

Data Acquisition

GAD Solutions can provide everything needed for field data acquisition including hardware, software, database and application support. We have experience collecting, managing, storing and validating many different types of field data from mapping, geophysical surveys, site investigations, photographs, geological logging, patient data and much more. For very remote data acquisition, we can provide everything required from remote offices, satellite network connections, field data collection devices and software. With a track record of deployment around Australia and further afield, GAD Solutions understand how to get your data moving.

Database Development

GAD Solutions are experts in developing databases, particularly in geology and mining, but also across other industries and markets, including healthcare, human resources, and Geographical Information Systems. We have the skills and experience to build entirely new databases from scratch, or to simplify, customise and streamline historic or legacy database systems so that they are useable and compatible with the clients’ modern data collection processes, practices and procedures. We offer development of SQL Server, MS Access and Oracle databases.

In the mining industry space, we have built and customised databases for a range of operational environments. These include exploration databases, global mineral occurrence databases, and mining reconciliation databases with mining package integration. Once developed and the client wishes to manage their own data, GAD Solutions is happy to configure commonly used industry front end data management packages such as Acquire, Datashed and GBIS.

Database Management

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team at GAD Solutions provides ongoing database management and support for your newly designed, simplified or customised database:

  • Maintenance of database permissions & security
  • Maintenance of data validation rules, notifications and reporting
  • Maintenance of reference libraries and look up codes
  • Data import/export configuration
  • Database review & auditing

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