We’re passionate about building software in partnership with our clients, keeping key stakeholders involved in the process, to deliver quality digital solutions. With over a decade worth of experience developing a wide variety of applications, within the mining and exploration industry, we’re invested in understanding our users and engaging in test driven development for successful outcomes.

As a Microsoft Partner, GAD Solutions utilises the latest Microsoft products and services to provide digital solutions built on standard software technologies and database systems.

SaaS and Mobile Applications
Plexer is GAD Solutions Geological Data Management software suite. Developed as a SaaS solution, it provides a simple and intuitive web interface for managing geological data.

Mobile applications are used for offline acquisition of field data including chip and core photos with drillhole logging soon to come.

Custom Software Development
Server Apps for Automation

GAD Solutions has created many software applications for server environments. These are typically tools that perform specific tasks at timed intervals or in response to events.


  • Nightly generation of reports
  • Automated data importers
  • Automated email checkers
  • Automated database clean-up jobs
  • Network monitoring tasks
Mining Specific 

GAD Solutions recommends and supports mining and exploration database systems based on commercial data management software including Plexer, acQuire, Datashed and Geobank.

GAD Solutions also supports the integration of mining specific modelling or GIS packages with the clients preferred database system to provide the geologist with simple, reliable data.


GAD Solutions integrate with and configure Cloud Based GIS solutions using Feature Services and Geoprocessing services. This enables Geologists to plan drill programs in the office using ArcGis Pro (or ArcMap) while field crew can capture data remotely using ArcGIS Field Maps / ArcCollector. GAD Solutions integrate with the feature services to ensure complex Business logic and validation rules are maintained while keeping ArcGis Online and you geological database in sync.

GAD Solutions has experience with custom software configuration using various ESRI tools

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